About Us

Simplifying crypto investing

With Loomo, you don’t just invest in crypto, you get the tools to become profitable at it.


The world of Crypto is fast paced and keeping up can be tricky. The information Loomo extracts from your investment data helps you filter out the noise and focus on what’s important – your progress.

It’s hard to grow what you’re not tracking

The Loomo app enables you to grow your portfolio by giving you a single place to manage your crypto investments across multiple wallets.

With Loomo portfolio tracker, you can see how your crypto is performing in line with your set goals.

We’re brewing smart crypto investors

The best crypto investors understand that managing your crypto portfolio is everything.

Loomo portfolio tracker helps investors balance, scale their portfolio and make smart moves in the crypto market.

Meet our founders

Moh Felata


Otto Akama


Oghenemaro Afenogho

Mobile developer

Connect with crypto investors in the Loomo-verse.

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